Overview of Concerts

Bach Roots Festival (formerly Oratory Bach Ensemble) performs music under three distinct concert series. All  serve our organizational mission to transform the antiquity of Baroque music into concert experiences of powerful relevancy through: exceptional artistry, honored authenticity, and engaged community. 


Bach & Brews features the secular, witty, and often comedic cantatas that Bach wrote for performances at local cafes and house concerts. We perform at breweries across Minnesota.


Hear the sacred works of J.S. Bach and his contemporaries within their original context of a worship service, complete with organ works, guest theologians, and congregational hymnody. All are welcome at this annual event to experience how Bach strove to bring liturgical readings to life through music. 


A rotation of some of the greatest choral-orchestral works ever written. June of 2019 featured J.S. Bach's B Minor Mass - his Magnum Opus. April of 2019 featured St. John Passion in a unique collaboration with Minnesota Dance Theatre.